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Summer 2023
Kids Camp

For kids age 8-12 years

13-16th  January 2023

Arrival Time: 4pm Friday 13th January 2023

(Pickups from 2.30pm – limited rides available from Whangarei city area)

Departure Time: 11am Monday 16th January 2023


HOLYground Parua Bay Christian Youth Haven: 1 Wharf Road Parua Bay


  This camp is  free thanks to Breakaway School Holiday Programmes.



What you should know:

Our Kids Camps are a special time for children and young people to experience the goodness and the beauty of our created world in an action-packed, fun few days full of new friends, great food, and the joy of holiday camps.


These camps are run by an amazing team of volunteer leaders with years of experience. As Christians, we believe in sharing God's love with the world. One of the things that this means for our amazing camp team is blessing the children and families of Northland with a loving, safe and exciting camp space out at Parua Bay.

These camps have run for over 50 years at our Christian Youth Haven in Parua Bay, with a legacy of young people growing in confidence and depth of character while out in the beauty of our campground haven.

An Amazing holiday experience for children, we are planning an action packed programme of water sports, games, fun, great food, friends, singing and learning together.


What should you bring to camp?

- Old clothes including something warm

- Old closed-in shoes (for health and safety in the kitchen and in the bush)

- Footwear to protect your feet while on the beach

- Sleeping bag or blankets, sheet, + pillow

- Sunhat, togs and towel – modest sun-smart swimwear essential. Please bring a shirt/shorts.

- Personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste), any required medication (with instructions for use)

- Bible if you have one

- Baking for the kitchen


Please label your stuff - it makes it much easier to work out whose is whose if things get mixed up!!


Please leave behind phones/electronic devices/money/junk food/valuables/girlfriends/



While we attempt to cater for a basic range of dietary needs, it is very helpful if campers with particularly restrictive requirements are able to support our hard-working cooks by supplying some of their own food. Please indicate any dietary needs at registration, and if these are complex we will give you a call to discuss the planned menu.


Need a ride? If you are unable to transport your child to/from camp, our volunteers may be able to pick up /drop off a limited number of campers from within Whangarei city. Please indicate on the registration form if you need transport, and be ready at the address provided from the time specified in our confirmation email. Please advise us if no longer needing a ride to save a wasted trip.

Visiting? Parents are welcome to visit during camp. Please introduce yourself to a leader on arrival and sign the visitors book. Please let us know if there is anyone we need to be aware of who specifically is not allowed to visit your child.


Rules: We need your help to make our camp a friendly and safe ‘haven’ that’s fun for all of us!!! At camp we aim for there to be no swearing, bullying, fighting, name-calling, threatening, stealing or lying. Please leave bad attitudes, expensive or electronic equipment (phones, ipads, electronic games, cameras), money, and junk food all at home – we can’t take responsibility for them if they go missing. You will survive without them for a few days! Also, while it goes without saying, please don't bring knives or weapons, drugs, alcohol or cigarettes of any sort to camp.

Parents, please encourage your child to speak with a leader should they have any worries during camp. Please be aware that campers who are impacting negatively on others’ experience may be asked to return home.

Want to find out more? Check out our website for more information about our camps, campground and organization - leave a contact number via the contact us page if you'd like one of our leadership team to give you a call. Or you can email direct to


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